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Scout Projects at Rhinoceros Creek Reservation

As soon as the Somers Land Trust received Christine Beshar's generous donation of the 115 acres that became Rhinoceros Creek Reservation, Somers'  scouts stepped up to make a difference. Rhinoceros Creek sits directly over a major aquifer which supplies water to many residents, including those in Heritage Hills. So every project by our scouts not only makes this neighborhood green space more accessible, it also helps protect the future of our drinking water while offering the scouts experience in project planning, execution and knowledge of the importance of projecting our local environment.

Click on images for short descriptions and photos of the projects.

Fern leaf

Habitat restoration


Girl Scout Troop 1724

Wooden bridge on trail

Trails & infrastructure


Nathan Bellio

Michael Witkiewicz


Matthew Ouimette


Mark Tengstrom

Bog bridge through forest

Combination projects


Anthony Altieri


Educational & historical

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