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The Power of Nature


Did you know that immersing oneself in nature can improve both physical and mental health? Studies prove that going for a walk in the woods can lower blood pressure and bring down cortisol levels. And, amazingly, trees release chemicals called phytoncides, which improve health by boosting our immune system.

Being outdoors enables us to fully engage our senses in the healing properties of greenery and wildlife, something that can’t be experienced in our day-to-day indoor lifestyle. So, visit a local park or go for a walk in the woods and experience what happens. Focus on everything surrounding you. See the clouds above, listen to the songs of birds or the gentle trickle of a stream, feel the soft earth or the crackling leaves beneath your feet, breath the pure air, and touch the bark of a tree.

As our senses are filled, our pace slows and a feeling of calm and serenity brings us into another place where the demands of life become secondary. Even sitting in pure silence and viewing an amazing sunset or clouds floating above, a tiny bird flying about, or an insect laboriously inching along allows us to realize that we are meant to be connected to nature and it can fill us with joy.

Text © Jan Antonucci.  Jan is on the Board of the Somers Land Trust.  She is an educator, gardener, and lover of nature. 

Photo © Donald Gambino

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