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2024 brings
new directions for Somers Land Trust!

Somers Land Trust volunteers are turning their focus to developing trails and infrastructure on both parcels of Rhinoceros Creek Reservation, as responsibility for maintenance of Angle Fly Preserve transitions to the Town of Somers. And our local scout troops are making exciting contributions at RCR as well.

Perhaps you love the southwest parcel - relaxing in the pavilion with its native plant garden and new benches, hiking up the ridge on the green trail. Have you found the beaver dam bridge and the forest loop on the northeast parcel?  

We invite you to visit Rhinoceros Creek this year to see the new additions. And, as always, we are asking for your help to ensure trails and green space will be here for your family and our community for the long term.

Please click to volunteer your time or dollars - both are essential and greatly appreciated.

Somers Land Trust Timeline
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