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Multi-trunked sycamore tree at Rhinoceros Creek Reservation

If you enjoy the trails at Angle Fly Preserve or Rhinoceros Creek Reservation, you already know how vital open spaces are – for a breath of fresh air, some exercise,

a bit of sorely-needed mental relaxation.


What you may not know is that the trails and gardens in those open spaces are maintained by a very small group of volunteers, the Somers Land Trust.

We need your help to ensure these same experiences will be here for you, your children, and our community for the long term. Please click to volunteer your

time                 or dollars                

in support of Somers' open spaces.

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We love our dogs, but dogs are not allowed at Angle Fly Preserve or Rhinoceros Creek Reservation.  Dogs can disturb even unseen wildlife. We appreciate your understanding.

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Somers Land Trust Timeline
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