If you've enjoyed the trails at Angle Fly Preserve or Rhinoceros Creek Reservation, you know how vital open spaces are –  for a breath of fresh air, some exercise, a bit of sorely needed mental relaxation. What you may not know is that all the trails and gardens in those two open spaces are maintained by a very small group of volunteers, the Somers Land Trust.

Somers Land Trust needs your help to ensure these green spaces will be here for you, your children, and our community for the long term. 
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to support Somers' open spaces.

This sunset was photographed from the pavilion at Rhinoceros Creek. While enjoying a hike, please make sure you and your family stay safe by following CDC and New York State guidelines. Bring your mask in case you unexpectedly find yourself in a situation where you cannot maintain a safe distance. Reminder: these are Carry-In, Carry-Out locations so please do NOT drop used masks and gloves in parking lots or on the trails! Dogs are not allowed in either location. Dogs can disturb hikers and wildlife and some owners have not cleaned up after them. We appreciate your understanding.

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Piggy Bank

When you gotta go, but you just don't want to leave...


Help Somers Land Trust purchase and install an environmentally safe, waterless, odorless toilet at Rhinoceros Creek Reservation.

This state-of-the-art toilet is the same as the two we installed at Angle Fly Preserve where they have served the community with a minimum of maintenance for years.

Our initial goal of $10,000 represents a significant downpayment on this essential amenity.

The new trail at Rhinoceros Creek is shaping up – thanks to intrepid volunteers who worked through the winter. And the pavilion with its beautiful new stone patio overlooking the pond is just the spot to relax after a hike. But isn't there one more thing needed to complete this picture? We think so – a  permanent composting toilet is the perfect addition to enhance your enjoyment of Somers' newest green space.  


Please help out by making a donation via PayPal or by downloading our membership/ donation form and mailing it in with your check.


The wonderful thing about supporting the Somers Land Trust is that everything you give stays in the community we all treasure.

Rewild at Home with

a Virtual Field Trip to Rhinoceros Creek!

Click here to see a recording of this Virtual Visit

Enjoy a magical walk in the woods with naturalist and Director of The Rewilding School, our friend Eric Stone. Explore the signs of spring and see how even in tough times, nature keeps moving forward.