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Wooden bridge on trail

Scout Trail & Infrastructure Projects at Angle Fly Preserve

There are more than 11 miles of trails within Angle Fly Preserve to which scouts have significantly contributed -- adding new trail segments, enhancing the hiking experience with planking and bridges over wet areas, and building seating. 

Austin Muir-bog planking 3.JPG


Austin Muir

Troop 228/Eagle Scout Project

Austin installed 75 feet of bog planking in wet areas along the Blue trail. He also placed two natural benches that he crafted from a downed tree in his yard.

Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 3.23.37 PM.png


Dan Carlton

Troop 376/Eagle ScoutProject

Dan constructed the Blue and White trail extension, a viewing platform at the beaver pond and bog planking on the trail leading to the platform.

Eric Dammeyer 2016 Eagle Scout project.jpg


Eric Dammeyer

Troop 376/Eagle Scout Project

Eric constructed a bridge over a small stream on the Yellow trail.

Tognino Jr.JPG


Michael Tognino

Troop 228/Eagle Scout Project

Michael added bog planking to a wet section of the Blue Trail, across from the Angle Fly entrance. He also built a footbridge over a drainage ditch at the spot where the trail steps off Primrose Street and enters the woods.



Drew Cassin

Troop 376/Eagle Scout Project

Drew built a trail to connect the Yellow and Blue trails from the woods behind the old condos to the sign on the Blue Trail by the Trees for Tributaries streamside restoration plantings.



Patrick Bridgham

Troop 376/Eagle Scout Project

Patrick added bog planking over several wet spots and a small bridge over a drainage ditch, all on Drew Cassin's Yellow/Blue trail connector.



Peter Schmitt

Troop 376/Eagle Scout Project

Peter constructed a new kiosk with an enclosed case for messages near the poultry barn, built two smaller kiosks for trailheads and also two benches to be used for programming on the patio.



Alessandro Rondon

Troop 173/Eagle Scout Project

Alessandro helped to re-route the Blue & Yellow trail around the beaver dam after the beaver incorporated Drew Cassin's work into their dam! Alessandro staked the re-route, cleared invasive plants, and added bog planking.



Giancarlo Rondon

Troop 173/Eagle Scout Project

Giancarlo coordinated work with brother Alessandro to re-route the Blue&Yellow trail further away from the beaver dam, building a bridge over the outlet stream, affording a wonderful view of the entire dam and pond.



Hayden Carbonaro

Troop 228/Eagle Scout Project

Hayden re-routed a section of the Blue & Yellow trail that was being flooded by the beaver pond and added bog planking where needed.

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