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Wooden bridge on trail

Scout Trail, Infrastructure & Habitat Projects at Rhinoceros Creek Reservation

Within its two parcels, Rhinoceros Creek's 115 acres boast a surprising number of habitats: streams, human-constructed and beaver ponds, wetlands, forest, and upland rocky hills. Scouts are helping to make these areas accessible while also protecting habitat by constructing trails, bridges and other infrastructure.



Nathan Bellio

Troop 376/Eagle Scout Project

Nathan cleared a new trail at Rhinoceros Creek, and also built and installed bridges over two streams.



Michael Witkiewicz

Troop 228/Eagle Scout Project

Michael planned and cleared a new trail at Rhinoceros Creek (east), installed bog bridges over a small stream and a wet area, and built steps on steep areas of the trail.

‎GS 1724.jpeg


Girl Scout Troop 1724

The troop purchased three winterberry shrubs with proceeds from their cookie sale, then planted them near the native garden surrounding the pavilion on the southwestern parcel.



Matthew Ouimette

Troop 228/Eagle ScoutProject

Matthew cleared a trail at Rhinoceros Creek (east) and built a bridge over the outlet stream from the beaver pond. The bridge offers a peaceful spot to observe turtles, birds, waterfowl and even the beaver working on the dam.



Mark Tengstrom

Troop 228/Eagle Scout Project

Mark built a bird blind and trail extension leading to the blind at Rhinoceros Creek (east). Within the blind, he built a bench and will include a poster or photos of the waterfowl and birds that may be seen in the area.



Anthony Altieri

Troop 228/Eagle Scout Project

Anthony constructed bridges over two streams along the Green Trail in the southwest parcel of Rhinoceros Creek Reservation, and remov d invasive plants around the bridges.

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