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Plant a pollinator pathway garden

More than 30% of our food grows due to the "free" work of pollinators. Yet that work isn't really free – the price is protecting and maintaining the habitat necessary to support our native pollinator populations.

In recent years, pollinators have significantly declined due to habitat loss and pesticide use –  most notably bees and monarch butterflies.


But there is something you can do. Join with the Somers Land Trust and scores of other environmental organizations and countless gardeners in a grassroots initiative to establish and maintain pollinator-friendly habitats.


The Pollinator Pathway is a project of the Hudson to Housatanic (H2H) Regional Conservation Partnership, of which the Somers Land Trust is a member. The goal is to create pesticide-free, native-planted corridors for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators, stretching from the Housatonic to the Hudson Rivers.

In Somers, we would also like to connect Rhinoceros Creek Reservation to Angle Fly Preserve, and beyond to Muscoot Farm and Lasden Park and Arboretum as a habitat corridor for pollinators and other wildlife.

Lots of good ideas and resources is a website rich with information and ideas, including:

  • Native pollinator plant lists and where to buy them

  • Designs and ideas of how to transform your garden and lawn

  • How to make a meadow

  • Native bee identification

  • Pesticide alternatives/organic lawncare

  • Invasives to stay away from

  • Other websites and articles


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