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Wish list

Organizations are like people in many ways – including having a list of things they wish they had. Our list may be starting small, but please revisit often to see if there are new items that you or someone you know is able to donate.

You may also have something that you think we could use even though it is not on this list. If so, please contact us to see if we can put your donation to good use. And because Somers Land Trust is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, your in-kind donation may be tax-deductible. Ask your tax advisor for details.

Somers Land Trust Wish List
  • Composting toilet for Rhinoceros Creek

  • Folks willing to adopt a trail to maintain

  • Flat-bottomed boat or rowboat with oars (We have a donor for this item!)

  • Small tractor​ (We have a donor for this item!)

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